Hey. Biscuit.

Aug 1

My friend T is moving to San Francisco. I’m happy for him, but at the same time :(((.

Aug 1

I don’t feel comfortable installing a monitoring device into my vehicle just so I can save a few bucks on my car insurance.

Hungry, but too frustrated to find anything appetizing.

You Blew It! got their shit stolen while in San Antonio.

What the fucking fuck

I hate people

I am SO pissed right now it’s almost ridiculous


That made me quiver


That made me quiver

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I’m extremely pissed off and angry, though I think it partially has to do with me being sleep deprived.

Among, you know, other things.

He blew it…again. I gave him another chance, but nop. Nop. He is so tasteless.

We can’t have nice things because people are scum.